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Board 2016-2017

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As elected at the AGM this past Saturday your board for the next year is:

President:             Grady Long
Vice President:     Cecilia Gillespie, chair of Bowling Program Committee
Vice President:     Gary Schwandt, chair of Athlete Development Committee
Treasurer:             Pat Bird
Secretary:              vacant
Director:                Jon MacDonald
Director:                Curt Moll, appointed Southern Representative

The board will meet again the first weekend in December (weather permitting) in conjunction with the annual work weekend where plans for 2017 will begin!

50/50 Raffle Ticket Winners

Category : News Item 2016

The LBAA Raffle Ticket draw was completed at the Living Stones Church in Red Deer, AB on Saturday, Oct. 22.  (AGLC License #435206)

Ticket 00655, Vera Eddy, won the $1,500 prize
Ticket 00002, Cathy Gervais, won the $750 prize
Ticket 00617, Noel Johnson, won the $250 prize.

A huge thanks to all those that purchased a ticket in support of LBAA!