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Second Annual Work Weekend

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The board members and Executive Director will be joined by 11 LBAA members from various clubs next Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 3 and 4, in Calgary.  Some of the work they hope to accomplish: organize the bowling events and calendar for 2017, discuss and set plans for junior bowlers across the province, review the website, advance our awards program and plan some athlete development and coaching sessions.


Thank you to Ed, Linda, Derek, Greg, Heather, Judy, Herman, Dave, Robert, Gary, and Jen for giving of your time on behalf of all members!


Also a thank you to the Edmonton Indoor Club for their generous donation to help cover most of the expenses for this work weekend.

Greg Wilson’s great season!

Category : News Item 2016

Greg Wilson earned his third national medal of the 2016 lawn bowl season at the Canadian Indoor Singles last week.  With strong play all week he took home the bronze medal winning two straight sets over Vince Mai, depending champion from last year.

Greg also took home a silver medal from the Canadian Championships held in Edmonton in mid August as the skip of the men’s fours team.  In early September he won a bronze medal at the Canadian Outdoor Singles Championships.

Well done and congratulations to Greg Wilson!

greg-at-indoor-singles greg-with-medal greg-and-three-medals