Provincial Tournament Registration

Sign up here for Provincial Tournaments & Playdowns.

Conditions for Player/Team Entry (Read All Points Before Registering)

  1. I am submitting this registration, on behalf of all team players, prior to the registration deadline as outlined on each event poster.
  2. All contestants on our team are members in good standing and have paid membership fees through their Club.
  3. The team agrees to pay the entry fee for the tournament/playdown.
  4. (Only Provincial Playdowns) The members of our team are committed and able to participate in the National Championship for this event and understand we will be assessed an upfront fee of $250 per player and LBAA will then pay the major costs related to representing Alberta at the corresponding National Championship.
  5. Participants are familiar with the 2017 LBAA Conditions of Play and agree to abide by them. Participants are also familiar with the Code of Conduct and agree to play under those guidelines for conduct.

Provincial Tournament Registration links below will be enabled when 2018 Entry Forms are prepared.