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Alberta Singles Championships Information

Venue: Commonwealth Lawn Bowling Club, Edmonton

Dates: July 13 – 15, 2018
Registration: Friday 5:00 pm
Trial Bowls for first game: 5:45 pm
First Game: 6:00 pm
Practice Times:  Friday, 10 am to noon; 2 pm – 5 pm
Scores: Women’s & Men’s Singles Round Robin Scores

Women’s Tournament Format: with five players registered there will be a an initial round robin tournament with each player receiving a bye.  This will be followed by one round of playoffs, 1st ranked vs 2nd ranked for Gold/Silver and 3rd ranked vs 4th ranked for Bronze and 4th. To see when a player has a bye check out the draw: Women’s Singles 2018

Men’s Tournament Format: with 16 players, a schedule was prepared for all sixteen ensuring that players formed groups of 8 so that each player would play two games on each of the two greens. A random draw of the players listed them 1 – 16 and the names were inserted into the draw schedule. All players that win three or more of the preliminary round matches advance to the playoff round with the exception that if more than eight players win three or more games, only the top eight ranked teams advance. This will be followed by two or three playoff rounds.  The Preliminary round games are posted: Singles Men’s Draw A and Singles Men’s Draw B.

Lunches will be provided by Commonwealth’s Chef Dave at a cost of $8 which will include drinks and dessert and snacks throughout the day. On the menu for Saturday: baked shepherd’s pie with mushroom gravy, dinner rolls, tossed salad, green peas and strawberry shortcake; and for Sunday: baked pork loin with home fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, tossed salad and broccoli bacon salad with apple pie for dessert.

Drawmaster:  Pat Vos
  Jenn MacDonald and Paul Maskell

Best of bowls to all players!